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T&M Forwarding launched in 1996, when a team of young, innovative professionals
led by our present Chairman and CEO started a company to provide niche services
to Eastern Europe and Singapore.

Since then, customer service is at heart of the Company’s DNA, through innovation
and continuous learning which drives continuous improvement. Our people - our main
asset - remain the driving force behind our services.

In 1998, the company grew to be an Integrated International freight Forwarder and
one of the major NVOCCs (Non - Vessel Operating Common carrier) offering direct
service to more destinations than any other competitor in the market place.

The year 2000 marked a milestone in Company history and its strategy of pursuing
business excellence. T&M was the first SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) to get
ISO 9002 certification in shipping and freight forwarding - a worldwide affirmation of
quality assurance.

Today, the Company has more than 60 dedicated staff at its four main operations in
Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Haiphong and Danang, as well as several affiliates in other
major cities of Vietnam, and more than 500 worldwide business partners/agents
covering every corner of the world.

T&M Forwarding Ltd. has become an Integrated Logistics Services provider, ready
to meet changing demand and serving all transportation and logistics needs of its
local and international clients.

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