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GTN Overview
One Website. Multiple carriers. Free access.
A single online location for all of your global transportation needs.

Less manual work - no more phone calls or faxes, everything's done online
Simplified, standardized processes apply to multiple carriers
Your shipment information is confidential and stored online for quick access

GTN helps you save time and money.

Manage rate request-and-response workflows and interactions in a structured, reliable format.

Create bookings at any time of the day or night. All of your bookings, whether you made them from the Web or over the phone, are in one place.

Create bill of lading instructions that go directly into carrier systems. View and manage bill of lading data, including rates, online. Create and Send SEDs electronically.

Shipment Control
Track shipments across multiple providers. Receive automatic notifications when things change and use built in capabilities to take corrective action.

View up-to-date schedule information from all carriers. Schedule data can be accessed and imported electronically into Booking.

Products being offered by GT Nexus:

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