INTTRA - A Shipping Portal
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Incorporated in January 2001 and financially sponsored by a group of leading ocean carriers and logistics providers, INTTRA creates efficiencies for the ocean transportation industry by standardizing and optimizing traditionally inefficient processes.

INTTRA enables shippers, freight forwarders, third party logistics providers, brokers, importers, and industry portals to manage the scheduling, booking, documentation, Bills of Lading, and tracking of cargo and the negotiation of freight services across multiple shipping lines in a single integrated process.

With headquarters in Parsippany, NJ U.S.A., and offices in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Hong Kong, China, INTTRA meets today's demand for simplicity, transparency, neutrality, and confidentiality across the global supply chain, and delivers connectivity by establishing global shipping standards.

The name ?INTTRA? is a combination of several terms. The ?INT? is an abbreviation for International, which represents the extent of INTTRA?s customer reach. The ?TRA? is an abbreviation for both transportation and trade, two terms that are essential to the driving principles behind INTTRA. The double ?T? in the center of ?INTTRA? also represents Track & Trace, the first module offered to the public.

Solutions offered by INTTRA:

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